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Mediator Profile

I am Andrew Taylor. I can help you to resolve your dispute. It’s what I do.

In 40 years as a solicitor, I’ve spent 20 of them in private practice – litigation, company and business affairs, land, property, planning, construction, clinical negligence.

I have also spent 20 years in businesses outside the legal profession - IT, land, planning, construction, Internet, manufacturing.

I can guide you to solutions which are not immediately apparent. Although I do not claim to understand your particular life experience, I do understand how a serious dispute affects your life. I have experienced the frustration, the waste of time, the interminable litigation bills. Above all, I know what it’s like when your brain will not sleep at night while the same worries remorselessly devour the energy you should have by morning. I can act as your coach, referee, chairman and guide in helping you to shape a deal which gives each side the best possible outcome. Mediation really works. I can help to make it work for you.

Andrew R Taylor
Mobile: 07907 964565
Office: 01603 819068

The Mediator's fee

Includes all preparation time, assessing documents, telephone discussions, travel time, and the mediation meeting, whether face-to-face or "online".

Process Total mediator time spent (hours) Hours meeting time you book in diary £s payable by each participant
Live meeting 12-16 8 720
Live meeting 6-10 4 400
Live meeting 3-4 2 220
Online meeting 10-14 8 640
Online / telephone meeting 5-8 4 360
Telephone only 3 2 200
Telephone only 1.5 1 75

Choose the time you need, then click to buy that number of hours. It’s that simple. Start with no obligation at Request to Mediate This is a short version. Here is the full story.

Why mediation?

  • It’s Confidential - mediation is confidential and civilised way to settle your dispute simply and quickly.
  • It’s fast - ring Andrew Taylor today. Simple telephone mediation could be handled tomorrow! Almost any could be all over in a fortnight. Just imagine – no more legal bills; no more stress. Your life is your own at last.
  • Keep your secrets - court proceedings are public knowledge. What you agree in a mediation will never reach the ears of creditors, customers, suppliers, bank managers, local media, social media.
  • It’s your deal - no judge tells you what to do. You are in control. Go for it now!

Ring Andrew Taylor now on 07907 964565

The process in a nutshell

  • Agree with your conflict party to go to mediation
  • Both complete the confidential Request to Mediate form. The Mediator will ring you within 48 hours to answer all your questions. You decide to go for online mediation or traditional face to face work, together or in "caucus".
  • Book the hours you need in the Mediator’s diary. Pay the Mediator’s fee, look over the mediation agreement and sign it electronically, as fully explained.
  • Arrange the venue for your live mediation meeting or let us help you to arrange an oline meeting - or even manage by telephone alone.
  • The Mediator shuttles between each of you, privately, empathising, prompting, testing your assumptions.
  • We all work together to find a settlement satisfactory to both sides. The Mediator guides you in writing a binding agreement.

Example areas:

Land & Property
  • Development
  • Construction & Boundaries
  • Deals & arrangement
  • Landlord &Tenant
  • Rights of way, light, access
Company & Partnership
  • Corporate strategy
  • Directors and shares
  • Partnership
  • Cross border
  • Franchising
  • Commercial agency
  • Advertising
  • Distribution
Information technology
  • Contracts
  • Copyright
  • Intellectual property
  • Licensing
  • Data management
Professional negligence
  • Architects
  • Clinical negligence
  • Accountants
  • Veterinary surgeons
  • Purchase, sale, training
  • Warranties
  • Facilities and events
  • Land management
  • Leases and licences
  • Local government

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